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omg_gb's Journal

OMG! GetBackers!
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What the friggity is this?

This is OMG! GetBackers! which is based off of omg_maou, originating from the defunct omg_naruto. The premise is that thanks to a relatively small explosion that is being blamed on Mugenjou, numerous people in the city are meeting doubles of themselves. What's worse is that these clones are as unlike them in personality as imaginable.

Each character has an IC and an OOC version, played by different people.

Eventually, the question "if you have sex with your clone, is it masturbation?" will be answered.


0. Be nice!

1. All levels of content are allowed, but anything with excessive violence, sex, or swearing, please place behind an LJ cut. Just ask yourself "would this be a rated R movie?" and if it would, cut it. OOC Toshiki is the exception, as he carries a swearing warning all on his own.

2. Each player may play three characters in total, though you are encouraged to start small.

3. Anyone is fair game, no matter how big or small. You can play Ginji (if he's not taken.) You can play random thugs. You can play the fly on the wall who is observing everything. This is a crack RP - feel free to have some fun with it.

4. Play will occur primarily in journals, which can be used both for journal style entries and for interaction between characters (that's the most fun part!) Just be sure to denote which is which. The OOC community will be used primarily for OOC posts and coordination.

5. If you are absent for more than two weeks without prior notice, we reserve the right to assume you've quit. Note that this rule will probably only apply if someone else is interested in your character.

6. We tend to switch back and forth between script and prose style writing. I don't really care which you use as long as we can tell what's going on. ^^

How to apply

1. Check the taken characters list
2. Follow the directions here.

Your mods today will be slytherinblack and aguynamedgoo. In the event of an explosion, you may have to choose new mods.